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Dr. Lucy Dunne - Director

Dr Dunne joined the UMN faculty in 2008. Her background spans apparel design, computer science, and electronic engineering. She teaches in the Apparel Design undergraduate program and the Apparel Studies graduate program, is a member of the graduate faculty in Human Factors and Ergonomics and Product Design, and is an Affiliate Member of the Computer Science and Engineering and Eletrical and Computer Engineering graduate faculties, and the Institute for Health Informatics.

Dr. Dunne has been awarded the NSF CAREER award (2013) and NASA's Silver Achievement Medal (2013) for her research, teaching, and outreach activities. She is the co-author of Functional Clothing Design: From Sportswear to Space Suits


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UMN Wearable Product Design Center

Virgina Tech E-Textiles Laboratory

NASA Johnson Space Center: WEAR Lab

Cornell University Body Scan Research Group


Graduate Students


Harini Ramaswamy

Harini is a graduate student majoring in Apparel Studies (Product Development track) at the College of Design, University of Minnesota. She earned her  B.Tech. in Apparel Technology from  Anna University, Chennai, India, after which she interned with the Textiles Committee and the Apparel Training and Design Center (ATDC), Chennai, India. Her research interests include functional apparel design, wearable technology and quality testing of textiles.


Mary Ellen Berglund

Mary Ellen is pursuing her Master's degree in Apparel Studies after completing her BS in Apparel Design at U of M. She is currently researching the washability of sensors as well as a cut-and-sewn textile-integrated smart clothing platform.


Crystal Compton

Crystal is a Master's student majoring in Apparel Studies. She also received her Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design from the University of Minnesota, during which she researched stretch and bend sensors for wearable applications. Currently, she is researching methods of measuring and monitoring the spinal curvature of scoliosis patients with conductive thread and magnets in the form of sensors.


Kira Erickson

Kira is a graduate student majoring in Apparel Studies. She also received her BS in Apparel Design from the University of Minnesota. Kira’s major interest is in functional apparel design, specifically personal protective equipment. She has spent the past two summers interning at 3M in the Personal Safety Division designing and developing coveralls, and has also collaborated with NASA on two team projects.


Linsey Griffin

Linsey is a Ph.D. student in Apparel Studies. Her research area is functional apparel design, with a specific focus on evidence-based design for the medical industry.  Linsey's work and research experience ranges from designing Arabian Night costumes for anamatronic robots in Korea to an internship at NASA and research with 3M. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Textiles and Apparel Design ('04).


Molly McMahon

Molly is a graduate student majoring in Human Factors with a minor in Product Design and Cognitive Science. She currently works as a service designer at Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation. Molly received her undergraduate degree in fashion design from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. 



Jordyn Reich



Xinyi Wang

Xinyi is a graduate student majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Product Design. She received her BE in Industrial Design from Northwestern Polytechnical University in China. Her major interest is in the creativity and innovation ability among people from different cultures and backgrounds, and she is also interested in human factors in design and technology.



Undergraduate Students

Heidi Woelfle

Heidi is an undergraduate student majoring in Apparel Design with minors in Product Design and Environmental Science. Her primary research interests are in functional apparel, wearable technology, and conservation biology.


Nick Schleif

Nick is an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Product Design. His academic interests include hardware design, 3D Printing, and wearable computing. When he's not involved with academic life, Nick enjoys rollerblading, chips and salsa, and dancing (sometimes all three at once).



Anna Peshock




Elizabeth Davelaar




Chad Magnuson




Christina Armstrong (now at K Bell)

Kaila Bibeau (now at Playtabase)

Tony Carton (now at South Dakota State University)

Mary Alice Casto

James Coughlin (now at Punch Through Design)

Allison Danzl (now at CounterCouture)

Guido Gioberto (now at Athos)

Silvia Guttmann (now at 3M)

Lizzie Hillmann (now at Kellé Company)

Misty Karges (now at Academy Sports and Outdoors)

Helen Koo (now at University of California, Davis)

Cheol-Hong Min (now at Minnesota State University, Mankato)

Varun Ramesh

Jingwen (Vivian) Zhang (now at UC Irvine)