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The Wearable Technology Lab is directed by Dr. Lucy Dunne. Founded in 2009, WTL research focuses on the intersection between apparel and new technology: for instance, in expanding garment functionality through dynamic aesthetics and new sensing functions; in improving the way we use, manage, and consume clothing; and in streamlining the design and manufacturing processes of smart clothing. Many projects deal with translating technological potential into the real, everyday world: understanding human physical and emotional comfort and balancing these variables with tradeoffs of performance variables in a smart system design.

The WTL is part of the Wearable Product Design Center at the University of Minnesota's College of Design.

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Facilities and Equipment

We are housed in 340 McNeal Hall, on the UMN St Paul Campus.

Facilities include:

Cyberquins Running Mannequin

BTS SMART-E optical motion capture system

Biopac biological data acquisition system

BMR Clinical electrical muscle stimulators

4-channel Thermoprobe

Electronic prototyping, programming, and test equipment

Foam cutter

Laundry facilities

Instron tensile tester

Extensive manual/mechanical textile test equipment